What is Graphic Design?

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What is Graphic Design? There are common misperceptions that the public have towards Graphic Design. When we ask this questions to non-designers, their answers were: “art, bus stop decorations, drawings”, etc, which is not relevant to the actual purpose of graphic design.

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As a designer, I found that as an issue within the society and seeked for solutions. Moreover, we need clients to understand the process behind design to achieve successful collaborations.



I created a business card to show that they doesn’t always have to look like generic cards. Instead, it can have function to it, in this case, to lead people to this project through the website.



After a lot of other experimentations, this question came to me: What if nobody cared about Graphic design? Would the world still look the same? Thus I came up with this idea in a form of a book: ‘Imagine the world without graphic design’



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